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Sunday, January 5, 2014

type 6 Homo sapiens: the perfect being

type 123456,

You are in your thirties. You traveled the globe. You bungee jumped. You studied abroad. You are well educated. You are a professional and your prospects are good. You know how to enjoy yourself and you are considered good company. To all outward appearances you are an accomplished and sociable individual. Not just to outward appearances, you are accomplished and you are sociable. You are the type of human being many would like to be: fun, enthusiastic, traveled, smart but not burdensomely.
Plus you have a keen sense of style and you go out of your way to find just that item, that purse, that necklace, that thing that looks good with this, this and that, and you wear those things in the right manner, that is to say, you do not overdress, you do not underdress, you dress just right. You are entirely balanced. You are the type of human being everyone dreams of being. You have that mix of humility and outgoingness that everyone desires. What more could you possibly desire? You have this human being shit down to perfection. You do not err. You do not dwell on dull or ponderous subjects, you do not touch on matters that may offend, dismay or put someone on the spot. This makes you highly appreciated. You have no enemies. You are kind and gentle. What more do you want? You are perfect. You are the kind of human being every human being wants to be and should be. There should be no other type of human being. You are it. There should be no departure from your sense of humility and outgoingness and festiveness, your non-confrontational style. Things would be fun. Life would be fun. There would be no wars. You are someone people admire. You are a standard. No one ever doubts your intentions are good. You are intentions are good. You are in many ways a perfect being. The perfect being. You radiate this perfection. You traveled the globe. You studied abroad. You bungee jumped.  You have that mix of humility and outgoingness that everyone desires.

What are your thoughts?